How to mediate using a mala
Mala Meditation
"Mala meditation is one of the most powerful meditative practices you can do.  I have been meditating with malas for nearly four decades and without a doubt Gurunater Kaur's are the finest, most powerful malas I have used.  Her malas are made with stones that are both beautiful and vibrate with a very high frequency.  These malas are made with great love and care and you immediately feel the power generated from them."
--Sat Jivan Singh

Gurunater Kaur travels internationally to teach the workshop "Mala Meditation:
A Prayer Bead Workshop for Prosperity, Peacefulness, Healing and Prayer."
This ancient, sacred, yogic practice was revived by Yogi Bhajan.
Using handcrafted gemstone malas in the class you will learn the:

Taught by Gurunater Kaur who has made malas for international
dignitaries, including Yogi Bhajan and the Dalai Lama, President
Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh and Consul General Neelam Deo. Her gemstone malas
used in the class and are available for purchase afterwards.

If you would like to schedule a Mala Meditation workshop

or call 703-668-0191.

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