Using a Mala

How to Use a Mala

A mala is a simple, sacred tool that anyone can use in their daily life. They can help reduce stress, and increase wisdom, patience and health. Malas are usually 27, 54 or 108 beads with one larger bead
all knotted on silk thread. The larger mala bead with the tassel is called the Guru bead.

About Malas

Index finger (Jupiter): wisdom, knowledge and prosperity
Middle finger (Saturn): enhances patience
Ring finger (Sun): promotes health, vitality and strengthens the nervous system
Little finger (Mercury): improves communication skills and intelligence

How to Use Malas

Always remember that gemstones are a living healing energy and a sacred tool. Keep malas in a protective covering or on your altar in your home or office. I always give a silk pouch with each mala ordered that you may use to carry yours in.


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