Healing Gemstone Properties

Amethyst A wonderful stone for spiritual healing, protection and increasing your psychic abilities. A stone of meditation to open and activate the crown chakra, it also boosts your immune system. It is also said to help business affairs prosper. Associated with Archangel Michael.

Aquamarine provides for alignment of the chakras and balances the physical and ethereal bodies. It is a stone of courage, helping you to be tolerant and attuned to more spiritual levels of awareness. Assists with the integration of universal truths. Associated with Archangel Ariel and Raguel.

Carnelian is a good luck stone that brings prosperity. It is very healing and helps purify the blood. It awakens your inherent talents and the flow of creativity within you. The stone protects against envy and fear, helps to get rid of sorrow, while increasing physical energy, personal power and compassion. Associated with Archangel Gabriel.

Lapis Lazuli A health stone that takes away sickness, releasing tension and anxiety. It is a psychic stone that opens your third eye. It gives mental clarity and is one of the best stones to pray with because it is so projective. It helps one to overcome depression and enhances serenity and self-acceptance. Associated with Archangel Michael.

Mother of Pearl is used to increase lightness, laughter and respect for life. It reawakens the memory of your origin in the infinite ocean of divine love, increasing calm and soothing feelings. If there are any unfulfilled emotional or physical needs from childhood, it emits a nurturing and motherly energy to bring healing and balance.

Pearl A gemstone representing faith, charity and innocence, it enhances personal integrity and balances your emotions. The stone is known as the stone of sincerity bringing in purity, grace and a connection with the heavens. Associated with Archangel Haniel.

Pink Coral A rejuvenating, healing and protective stone. It activates the heart chakra to enhance the intuitive aspects of love and relieve emotional distress. Helps you act in a caring manner realizing that everything and everyone is connected by the bonds of love.

Red Coral A rejuvenating, healing and protective gemstone which balances the positive and negative forces in one's life. It quiets the emotions and brings peace within. It facilitates intuition, imagination, and visualization and can accelerate the transfer of knowledge from the spiritual realms. Associated with Archangel Ariel.

Rose Quartz gently removes negativity to bring in love, peace and calmness to all your relationships. The gemstone opens up your heart to re-instate self-love and bring authentic love and compassion on all levels of your life. Good for healing emotional wounds and for balancing the upper chakras of the heart, throat, brow and crown chakras. Associated with Archangel Haniel.

Smokey Quartz helps clear your mind while grounding and protecting you. A wonderful meditation tool to center you, dispel fears and stimulate higher awareness. It helps you set aside your worries and increases awareness of your dreams. Associated with Archangel Michael.

Strawberry Quartz stimulates the heart center filling you with love. Balances the connection between the physical body and subtle bodies to show you how to enjoy and appreciate each moment of your life.

Tantric Mala which is made of Carnelian, Lapis, Turquoise and Red Coral. These are the four semi-precious stones Yogi Bhajan said would give their life to heal any aspect of your being.

Turquoise helps to bring healing powers to the user. Strengthens and aligns all chakras, meridians and subtle bodies. It brings good luck and takes up impurities. Heals your spirit and brings in wisdom, kindness, and trust by bringing any and all energies to a higher level. Associated with Archangel Sandalphon.
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